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Ideas Competition
Museum for Nam June Paik
2003 Seoul, South Korea

Imagine a new concept for exhibition design.
Reactor is designed like a chat room.
The surrounding spaces alternate their
connecting spaces permanently.
Every space can interact with every other
spatial unit within the structure. Changing habits, moods etc. are analysed and put into a spatial
context in real time. As an organism, it is reacting
to its users and its environment. Time makes it
possible to enlarge the 3rd dimension to an endless continuum of space and time.

Ein gebauter Chatroom als neue Ausstellungs-
organisation. Der Raum organisiert sich zur
Kommunikation um das Kunstwerk permanent neu.
Jeder Raum ermöglicht es jedes Ausstellungsobjekt jedem anderem Objekt gegenüberszustellen.

Christian Schmitt, Daniel Faust


2011 Interaction Design Contest
IDAT-Instituto de Diseño,
Arte y Tecnología, Barcelona, Spain
Finalist: The Internet of Things










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