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Unplugged Matter
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Unplugged Matter meets
Robotics in Architecture :
Mixed Reality Integration Assembly Workshop
at GUC German University in Cairo

Assoc. Prof. Christian Schmitt
Teaching Assistant: Joy Maher

in Cooperation with
Dr. Federico Garrido







Elective Seminars:
Unplugged Matter (Assoc. Prof. Christian Schmitt) and
Robotics in Architecture (Dr Federico Garrido)


For the project DIGITAL IMPERFECTION we asked us some questions
What is Digital (crafted)?
What means Handmade?
What means perfect and imperfect?
How can the building process reflect social and local ambitions? DIGITAL IMPERFECTION places human being in the focus of the digital assembly. Not to replacing human by the robot. We turned the wheel again and forced a human-centered idea about the digital building process by using the Hololens to improve and to influence the assembly process.
We involved several people in the building process by sharing the same “mixed reality”. The Hololens works by overlaying a digital 4-dimensional model over the physical world. Student by student, brick by brick, we wanted to make a collaborative process between students, teachers, the digital world and physical world.
We choose for a simple but interesting module that was rammed out of earth as a un-stabilized rammed earth brick.

The imperfection of Adobe Bricks is often understood synonym with poor. It is still a simple, cheap and often a perfect material to build with. With Digital Imperfection we wanted to underline that earth is much more than a vernacular material, and that we can use it in a contemporary, elegant way.






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